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Membership Plan:

$20 for 1 member / Year
$30 for a couple   / Year  (2 Members in the same household)
$10 Drop-in for meetings   (2 Free meetings/attendance prior to this fee being applied)

Consider becoming a paying OHBS member, and you will:
1) Have the opportunity to attend our club meetings as an official club member. 

2) Gives the club credibility in our future projects with festivals, breweries, and other national clubs.

2) Finance club activities and meetings. Such as Barrels, Bottles, Merch stocks, Licenses, and the cost of the first round paid by the club at our monthly meetings.

4) Get your members card and a BUNCH of discounts. Discount list here.

5) Represent the OHBS at Home brewing competitions

6) Help cover the cost of things such as website servers and other hidden costs to run the club. 

The fees can be paid by credit card (Transaction fee may be added), E-trans, or cash

Access to our DISCORD server remains free!

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